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Do humans dream of sheep?   
09:51am 28/02/2006
  I feel like I am wired wrong somewhere.  
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"You ever come back from a real crap vacation, and wake-up and realize it was all a hellish dream?   
08:30am 27/02/2006
mood: inanimate
Yeah, Me neither.

Oh well. I'd almost feel guilty about missing what's gotta be the gazillionth day of school I've missed this year except it's not like it was Florida I went to, and today I have to do everything that's due.

So for once the guilt trips gone (tho I can already feel it trying to creep its little claws back into my heart...so many days missed, nice teachers who probably think I'm dying I've been out so much, "A Raison in the Sun" group project...) and just trying to stay awake long enough to fill out notecards.

Then I could sleep straight through till 6 p.m. for the second time this week...and then, and only then am I gonna allow any thoughts of workbook problems or long overdue essays or sign language classes on material you haven't yet gotten around to learning...then.

Now...now is just work and finishing a little thing called temporary procrastination that goes by the name LJ.

I hope all your vacations went better!
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Team Million-Dollar-Marketing-Idea   
05:50pm 10/01/2006
  OMFG, I had the best idea EVER when I was trying to distract myself from choking on the soot from the heater last night
(directly next to the couch, and under my head) after seeing the new preview for Lost:

Team Sawyer and Team Jack shirts!

Ideas for the back of Team
Sawyer shirts:

1) "...because if Kate doesn't make-out with him, who else will??"
2) "...because Kate likes 'nice men' too (but Jack's just plain pathetic)
3) "...because if Kate doesn't take advantage of poor, little him incapacitated in a hatch, who else will?!"
4) "...because he called Jin Chewie"
5) "...because every girl loves a bad boy (and no one likes a goody-two shoes)"
6) "...because who lets the vengeful ghost of their pseuedo real/step father they murdered, get in the way of true love?"
7) "...because he said those three little words first"
8) "...because Jack's just plain annoying"
9) "...because Sayid's love nest needs new tenants"
10)"...because he sees the freckles no one else does"


11) A list of all ten reasons

Any more Ideas?
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Lots and Lots of Random Quizzes (cause guess who hasn't shown up yet?)   
12:28pm 24/11/2005
mood: discontent
You have to click to take the Sin City quiz cause OK Cupid has the annoying "how you compare to others your age who took the quiz" that fucks up LJ html and wastes a bunch of space.
You scored 66% Morality, 22% Killer Instinct, and 11% Insanity!

You are sweet, but your job as stripper makes you less than innocent and your longing for Hartigan coupled with the fact that you were kidnapped as a child by a homocidal paedophile probably knocked some screws loose somewhere. Still, you're every guy's wet dream, right?

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I'm in mourning for my favorote character's sanity.   
12:52am 10/11/2005
  It's positivly violent outside....enough to make one wonder if anyone 'upstairs' watches Lost.  
More Random Facts   
02:47pm 02/10/2005
  My list amuses me...the things I come-up with at 2 a.m. About half-way through I hate it.

Saturday Night Live was good, but I knew Steve Carrol would beat the curse (the 1st 4 or so shows of the season usually suck). The Office is hilarious.

I have contributed to the communinist cause by buying a paper in Harvard Square that says "Wanted On Multiple Counts of Murder: President Bush". I thought if nothing else it would amuse me. It wasn't until later I saw the party that funded it is communist.

If I can find my damn digital camera (and actually have something to hand in for the sunset project in astronomy) I'll take a picture of it.

I thought I finally found a non-kiddie show in which a character named 'Maggie" doesn't herald death or destruction (anyone else notice Geena Davis only becomes president after the original president has a freak stroke?) in the new HBO comedy Extras by that British dude who writes The Offices, except then I found out the fictional Kate Winslet movie they're behind the scenes on is a Holocaust film.

One of the books I chose to write my senior thesis for humanties on has in fact not been published since the 1980s.

I have two assignments due Thursday I have yet to start.

I am lazy.

I totally overeacted about the blood vessel thingy. I showed Tracey on Wednesday and she hardly saw it when I widened my eyes. You can hardly see it now...I think it just freaked me out cause it wasn't there, and then my back started aching and it was.

If I ever become the tyrant of a small island somewhere in the middle of nowhere, homework's gonna be the first thing I outlaw.

Then murder.
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09:59am 08/09/2005
  I'd say I hate myself, but when does truth ever do me any good?
And then it'd be a lie later anyways-the more I like myself in general the more instances of self-hatred come up.
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09:24am 08/09/2005
mood: anxious
I feel ill.
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Kate Bosworth/London   
03:29am 23/08/2005
mood: animated
OMFG, the bitch must go down in B-movie flames now! I was going on a website for Matt Czuchry fans (Logan from Gilmore Girls) and it said in his bio they dated for 2 years from 2000 to 2002 after meeting on the set of some failed show called "Young Americans" on the WB-which would have been right before she met Orlando!
Here a pic of them together:
Are no actor hotties sacred?! Next thing you know she'll have stolen Colin Firth's heart too!

Also, I'm finishing packing and hanging out with Grace tommorow (we might do an O.C. marathon cause season 2 is coming out and my mom already said that's my birthday gift from them) so I'm not sure if I'm gonna get a chance to be on the computer again (although this being me, most likely I'll make one). I'm so excited and so anxious at the same time, but I know the time's gonna fly and then it's right back to school (not to mention I still have a lot of Summer reading left). I'm just scared that it's gonna fly by. I don't even want to think about school now-I had to think about in emough in Fl everytime a school bus went by. A lot of the kids there went back August 12th.

Anyways, I don't think I mentioned before that I don't have to leave for the airport until 4. Again, I hope everyone's Summer is going great and I'll post pictures AGAIN (*coughkimmycough*, lol) when I get back from that trip. Maybe if we put our minds to it, and hope hard enough all our schools will collectivly burst into flames (with no one injured of course) and school will be temporaily postponed nationwide for a month.
Maybe...maybe not (Bridget Jones' Diary)

-edit-I am such a teenybopper right now, but I match Matt 95% on celebmatch.com! Coincidence? I think not!

Also, hopefully I'll be able to update there at least once. I'm a little freaked out about going on a trip with just my mom. Every time I'm at the airport I'm going to Florida, and it's with my dad, now I'm going to another country with my mother; this is the first time I've ever been anywhere with just my mother.

But it's worth it, so I should prolly just shut-up.

random quizes I've probably already taken and don't remember:
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Can anyone guess-you definitly know them, ones a famous rckstar's son, and the other's a director   
11:14pm 21/08/2005
  Who ARE these people???? And more importantly-What are they on?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Weekend Update #1   
12:12am 21/08/2005
mood: sleepy
I am such a bitch. I yearned to go on lj when my grandma was being a phycho, but as soon as I have internet access I run to fanfics and then fall asleep for like, an entire day (I had packed all night). Sorry! A couple of times I tried starting an entry, but I would get restless. I still have soooo much Summer reading to do, but that's my fault. Anyways, I discovered the magic of picture cds, so I suppose I'll be posting pics from Florida soon.
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05:33pm 12/08/2005
  Good news: I've escaped! yipee!!!
Bad news: Its $5 an hour if you don't have a card here (and u can't get 1 w/o living here) and I only had $7 in my purse thinking it's a library. *is sad* I have like, Idk MAYBE 30 min left, cause I had to check ACT/SAT test date registration deadlines and fees first (as I'm taking/retaking them this coming year). And I'm stuck here for another week.

But alas, there IS more good news.

I'M GOING TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams in joy* and I'm landing in Heathrow *squel* the same place Richard Curtis hid hidden cameras to catch touching scenes for Love Actually (Don't ypu just love whatshisname as the aging rockstar "Kids, don't Buy Drugs! *pause* Become a rockstar, and they give you them for free!" *squels again, b4 dancing) I knew it was a possibility, but honestly, so was last year and the year before. I figured Mom was lying again.
But alas I've seen the comfirmation of ticket purchases on dad's e-mail account!!! We're really going!
Though only for a little less than 2 weeks (Aug 23rd to Sep 5th) and will mostly be staying in a small town in southern England, Golnessa once told me is basically the same as Watertown with British accents and a movie therate. But still, eek!

But seriously, can I survive another week w/o internet, only to return for like 5 days, and then go to England where its iffy whether or not Claire will allow me access to ff????

Well, yeah prolly, cause I've wanted to leave this country for soooo ....ing long (I've never even been to Canada).

But gotta rush, library's closing at 6, and time can run out any minute.

Bye, and hope everyone's doing well!!!!!!!!!!!

And inlovewithlost Mary, your b-days the 11th, but I have no idea what day today is so happy early/late b-day, lol.
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dun, Dun, DUN   
12:22pm 29/07/2005
mood: weird
So I'm leaving in a little bit. My flight's at 4, and the cab arrives at 2:30.
I'm gonna miss lj, even if I do leave it for long bouts of time. I have a bad feeling about Nana this time around (although, when do I not?). And fanfiction...err, I know I'm gonna go crazy without it.
Anyways, in case the trip does get extended, everyone have a good rest of the Summer.
Mary (both Marys), if you read this, have a good birthday.
I can't think of anything else to say. I wish I didn't feel so depressed.
At least Will Ferrel's made-up child Magnus in Conan landed a Delta plane in Fort Lauderdale on a Conan O'Brien rerun last night. That was funny...and not a little bit freaky.
I think I'll post pictures when I get back.

Cute. no?
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Teeth Story...no flashy title I could think of   
06:55am 28/07/2005
mood: Odd
So for the past two days I've been in a pain-free medicated haze of sleep, and interminble stretches of reading/writing fanfiction, except for when my damn electricity went out, and I than just sat there for like 4 hours listening to my Ipod in the middle of the night with creepy grim reaper-esque shadows everywhere.
The oral surgery was...strange, to say the least. My stupid father...he joked to the dentist assistant lady during the x-rays I wrote about before that they would have to sedate me before giving me the shot to sedate me, because I'm so bad with shots (stupid needles...I hate needles!)...so they did. Well, kinda. They gave me laughing gas, though it was decididly NOT a laughing matter. I had decided against wearing contact lenses, since even though I've fallen asleep with them in the past (and worn 8 hour lenses for 24), I've been trying to be good with them lately, so I wore glasses with the idea of taking them off beforehand. BAD IDEA. VERY, VERY BAD IDEA. I can see very little (mostly just sploches of color and fuzzy shapes) without my glasses. And then they put the laughing gas...thing, over my nose. Now I'm not sure if it was sleep-deprivation from being nervous the night before (or the fact my dad didn't trust my mom to wake-up with her alarm, so decided to wake me up at 7:30 to make sure I got up...thus breaking the already broken from not being able to sleep, at least 6 hours of sleep before surgery rule...the bastard) or the laughing gas itself, or maybe just nerves...but I couldn't think when I got the laughing gas put over my nose. And Dr.Agronaut had said to tell them when things got 'strange'. Well things never did get strange...but what was already very blurry got MUCH blurrier, and my heart felt like it was slowing down, and I...PANICKED. A lot. Because, like I explained above, I couldn't think at all, and in my un-thinking brain, I didn't realize I could open my mouth to talk (he had said before putting the nozzle on, make sure your mouth is shut tight and just breathe through your nose...I didn't realize it was only my willpower keeping it closed, and not the nozzle...I was really, really disoriented). So then I kept thinking, in my panic, that they wouldn't eventually stop it, and things would just keep getting blurrier and slower until everything stopped. I have a sneaking suspicion it didn't have the desired effect with me (it is after all, called laughing gas). By the time I did realize I could talk (with a sudden, frenzied jolt) I kept repeating "everything's blurry" from what sounded like a great distance. The assistant lady, who had told me beforehand, that though they would inform me when they were going to give me the shot, that I MUST just keep looking at her face, just nodded and smiled and I had the horror stroken thought that she had seen me take off my glasses and follow her very cautiously, and WHAT IF SHE THOUGHT I WAS REFERING TO THAT??? So I finally got out of my mouth that it was freaking me out a little bit and her smile faltered and she seemed to see my panic cause she immediatly moved it aside a little and said it was alright.

I hope this isn't too off track...but I'd forgotten to say about her. Before the laughing gas, she had made me a 1000 times nervouser than I had been before because she kept referring too how nervous I must be, and how nervous most people are before the "surgery", and I know she was trying to ease my nerves, but she just made me a lot more worried. And then she hooked up one of those blood pressure cuff things to my right arm "to check my blood pressure every five minutes to make sure everything was alright". Which was scary cause that meant my heart COULD actually slow...and maybe stop. And also, I'd never had novacain before so she started talking about that (once before I had 2 teeth taken out by my regular dentist...but I NEVER, EVER allowed him to go near me with any needles) and that freaked me out too. I had thought it was just a shot I'd get in my gums when I was sleep...but then she told me for people who've never had it before it can pretty "freakish" (her words, not mine), and then she lied and told me that when I woke-up it would feel like my lip was twice its size, and my face was all bloated, but it'd be just in my head.

But anyways...back to the story. After the laughing gas came off, the "doctor" gave me the shot, and I stole a glance and it was like an intervenus tube where it stayed in my arm. Which surprised me, cause it again reinforced the whole "surgery" idea. So then the assistant lady told me again to keep focusing on her (and at one point at a pick-nic table outside the window no one ever uses...which I thought she was crazy for saying because she knew I couldn't see far, but then realized she was even crazier when later it was all said and done and I had my glasses on I realized I couldn't have seen it from where I had been sitting anyways, as the shutters covered most of the window, and my seat wasn't low enough and it was pretty damn far away anyways). So anyways (sorry for the reapted usage of 'so anyways' btw)...there we were waiting for me to fall asleep. She was asking me stupid questions...I remember she asked me about my grade in school, but the other questions blur. Then all of a sudden it was black.

I think they might have messed-up. They told me the whole entire thing would most likely take less than an hour (meaming the before hand stuff too). The appointment had been for ten, so logically you'd think eleven. I woke-up at one point to the nozzle on my nose again, and I was confused. I saw blurs around again, and I heard the assistant lady's voice remark she was hungry. Then she must have seen my eyes flutter cause she asked me if I believed it was already 11:30. That confused me, though at the time I couldn't remember why that'd be weird. Then I blacked out again. I woke-up again and my mom walked in the room. I don't know if I fell asleep again, but the next thing I know the assistant lady's back explaining 'what to do now' to my mom. She saw me, and she strted saying about how I'd have to switch the gauze stuff every 15 minutes for the 1st hour, but not after that or it could worsen the bleeding. I was all like "I'm bleeding? huh?" Then she did just that and took gauze out from the back of my teeth soaked red. I felt slightly like throwing up. My face felt puffy. I remember kept thinking "must fnd mirror". Blood drizzeled on my shirt, but I hadn't felt it drool.

So I ran to a bathroom and saw my face. It was like a chimpmunk's (it wasn't all in my head!). The lady said I was leaving I couldn't fall asleep for more than an hour cause I had to make sure the ice compressions on my cheeks switched every half hour.

Then I went home and for breakfast, lunch and dinner (couldn't eat or drink before surgery) ate like 12 of those little dove ice cream bars. Which was funny, cause as the box proudly remarks, they only have 60 calories each, which means despite the fact I ate only ice cream and chocolate all day, still had a drastically lower calorie intake than normal, to which I say...ice cream and chocolate diets for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Since then I've been sleeping and reading...I have to get a check-up on my teeth when I'm in Florida. Anpther reason why I think something might be off...when I was at the pre-urgery thing the dictor had said it was no big deal at all that I was going to Florda three days later. But then after the surgery, hen he was reminded, he kinda paled and said he'd call my house later with a number of a dentist there "just for a check-up" he said. Maybe I'm just overeacting.

Anyways, my sleep schedules all off again, but I think I'll update later. I just had to get this all out. I think I made it too drama-yish, sorry about that. Its really not that big a deal, if anyone else has to get their wisdom teeth pulled out, and it doesn't hurt much with the medicine. Plus, by the end of the day you can talk normally again! I hadn't expected that. And you get to keep the teeth...I really want to get them made into a creepy necklace.
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The Adventures of Roonil Wazlib, and Arry Otter   
05:50pm 23/07/2005
mood: bouncy
wow...I feel like I haven't been on here forever...
things I meant to write about and never got a chance too:

1)Virginia from the Arsenal thing wanted me to "help" (or in other words, she thought I'd have no idea what I was doing and need practice) Emma learn the tech stuff since she'd forgotten and missed the 1st meeting. So then I went (we ended up at Not Your Average Joe's, which was funny cause the 1st time she asked I said "the only place I know in the square is Not Your Average Joe's but they've very expensive" so then she suggested Juuicy Lucy, which she was sure was still alive, but ended up in fact to have really closed 2 years ago (although Virginia was right about the sign still being there) so then she said "we're going to Not Your Average Joe's" and then basically blamed me when she found out it was rather expensive. hmph. Oh well, I actually ended up knowing more than her, and she ended up paying for the lunch so I really have no right to complain...

2)Then she failed to give me an interview to set up until over a week later (yesterday), the same week she knows is the week before Florida (I'm going Friday) and when I'm getting my wisdom teeth ripped out of my Jaw (Tuesday). *screams* I still have to go to the eye doctors for contect lenses/glasses too? to have for Florida, buy nana-appropriate clothes, and apply for my bloody passport

3) When I went to my pre-oral surgery (I'm sorry, but I REALLY hate that name) and got x-rays, I was told, not asked, 3 times that my teeth must really be bothering me now. Which was creepy, cause they really don't...which means they will, probably within a minute or so

4)Converted Grace to The O.C. *evil cackle* One person down, eveyone who isn't obsessed, or isn't anymore, left (that means you, Kimmy!)

4) Bought Harry Potter! But sadly, after mom dragged me around 'errand-ing' didn't get home with it till like 5 on Saturday (last Saturday). Then decided I would get no peace until my parents were asleep, and then I'd have to watch Jon Stewart and Conan...which means with the exception of the final 50 or so pages, I always read it after 1:30 in the morning, often times later cause now that I have the power to pause TV I find myself doing for incredibly stupid reasons, and then getting pulled in by the campy horror of Last Call With Carson Daily (I mean seriously, where else am I going to watch Carson and vince Vaughn chain saw his tiny desk in two, after a cheesy montogue of Carson-loves-desk scemes where a desk can all of a sudden magically throw frisbees all by itself?!)

5) Like last time, I obsessivly cumpulsized to only read 100-150 pages of HP a night, because life is pretty crap with my parants, but a lot worse with the looming threat of Nana, and the absense of all internet, including but not limited to the absence of fanfiction, and I like having it to look foward to (I'm not kidding when I say that often times, when reading LOTR I read as little as 12 pages in a day, on purpose, even though I really emjoyed it...I'm just that much of a nut)

6) Finished Harry Potter yesterday! but then the electricity went out in my neighborhood for serveral hours, and by the time it came back on I NEEDED to read interviews and new fanfics and all that, and then today too...so I'm not writing until now.

Oh and I was avoiding livejournal, and pretty much myspace cause I'm terrified of spoilers, which is why I was away so long.

and don't read the folowing unless you've read the book, but...

Read more...Collapse )</lj-cut) Oh, and I forgot that changing your e-mail adress would mean no more emailed comments, sorry about that!
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What I did the rest of my week...   
07:38pm 12/07/2005
mood: cranky
1) Dyed my hair red.

2) Figured out how to get the digital camera to download to the computer again by using the original account (when I downloaded Windows XP to accomadate the iTunes system requirment for my iPod, that account became my dad's)

3) Went to see Batman Begins with Grace

4) Read a bunch of fanfiction

5) Attempted to finish Freakenomics but quickly (or not so quickly) realized its too freakin warm to think that much

6) Searched for a picture of when Frank the goat was dead for a week, before realizing Six Apart covered up all evidence of their goat hate crimes

7) Was so bored, I then looked up a January entry that specifically mentioned it to prove that I hadn't just made it up.

8) Spent 5 hours (you have no idea how much I wish that number was exagerated) going over the stupid Arsenal Arts Center crap (after wandering around the actual Arsenal grounds for 15 minutes trying to find the Arsenal Arts Center...even asking the security gaurd, who apparently doesn't know much English, twice if he knew where it was, and then why did the sign say it was in a direction it clearly wasn't, as it was a dead end?!)

9) Procrastinated practising how to use the odd, fururistic tape recorders that record onto disks instead of tapes...despite having absolutly no idea why mine didn't work when I practised at the meeting, and I can get called at any minute to do tech on an interview the next day

10) Recorded both Eternal Sunshine and Girl With A Pearl Earring on DVR- movies I both own on DVD, mind you- before realizing they're both on On Demand

11) Stared off into space sadly for 10 minutes upon realizing that not only had I erased an episode of Glmore Girls with Logan Huntzberger in it needlessy, but I had completly forgotten about him on my "10 Fictional Characters I'd Sleep With" list. To which I say-I put Alex down to mock anyone (or you know, someone specific) I don't like who may or may not have read that entry, but screw mockery, cause I'd like to screw Logan

12) Blushed foolishy after typing that last line, felt slightly dirty, and wondered how dead I'm gonna be when one of my cousins finally wises up (I mean for gods sake, two of them teach high school kids!) to blogs and searches for my lj using my e-mail adress

13) changed my listed e-mail address

15) watched Bride & Prejudice- liked it (especially the Bollywood parts) but became frustrated they kept making it look they were going to kiss in slow motion, but then having them just hug instead, and wondered why the Hindi directer gave Alexis Bleidel such a small mindless drone of a part, and then made it where she'd been pregnant at 16 when as far as I know abortion goes against Hinduism and there was sure as hell no baby running around, and even if it doesn't why not just make it easier and have had the much older Wickham just have seduced her instead?

16) Still watched Bride & Prejudice again, this time with commentary (gotta love a Bollywood movie with Jane Austen)

16) Discovered one of my 'myspace buddies' is in fact, a band

18) Discovered I skipped 17 and didn't care

19) Added a goat to my myspace buddies list

20) Changed the look of my journal around a little

21) Ate chocolate and drank peach snapple

22) Recieved an amazon order (tho still no overtock!) from way back in April I thought I had imagined ordering since my mother had never brought up the credit card bill-included an Sat workbook
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Damn Sexual Orinteation...Gay People Are Having the Best Week Ever   
03:00am 05/07/2005
mood: bouncy
:( ...my lj-cuts don't show up anymore
Of Aliens and Boredom, and Sleep Deprived RamblingsCollapse )
The ten fictional characters I'd be Wlling To Have sex WithRead more...Collapse )

A little late, but oh well:
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The internet is dead to me-granted mostly by suicide   
06:27am 29/06/2005
  Not only did I spend an hour writing an entry before the internet closed out on me, but then I wrote another and it did it again, the secret: when I pressed "update journal".
And if you copy it doesn't matter, cause it won't then let you paste it on appleworks, or livejournal in another internet box.

So basically I just want to say-I hope each and every last one of you is now living on a pile of dung off the coast of Antarctica somewhere just far away enough to know you'll freeze to death before hitting land, for having reliable internet service.
You all suck.
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07:32pm 25/06/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
I am the world's first straight girl, gay-guy -not-in-a-sexual-way-cause-that'd-be-way-gross groupie   
04:27am 13/06/2005
  I hate that people have the power to disapoint. I hate that everyone, in some fashion or form is a hypocrite, and that I'm probably the biggest one of all for saying that. I hate that I'm self-riteous, and most of all I hate that as a human being, I have the power to judge others for judging. I hate that that's such a screaming neon-lighted show of hypocriosy. I hate that this rant has nothing to do with either the topic of the title, or my project. I hate that it's 4 a.m and I've just been up most of the night on a project I realize now has a fatal mathematical flaw, and that I don't have the energy to stay up and fix it cause I spent 8.5 (8.5!) hours in a sweltering church basement yesterday volunteering for the library book sale. I hate that it's my fault for not doing it earlier. But the one thing that I don't hate about this weekend is the fact that I nagged my dad into getting the openly gay bishop of New Hampshire (Gene Robinson)'s autograph when he went to Jenny's corronation. Cause that's just freakin' cool.
Peace and love, my fellow LJ-ers.
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